Frequently Asked Questions

By Motoveli - 1m

Is what’s online like what’s in the magazine?
No, we use Instagram stories to engage with our local moto community. The content in the magazine is only available in the magazine. Read the Mid-summer rant for more context.

I missed the last issue. How can I get the next one?
Issue 3 is available now, get it here before it’s gone!


Where can I get back issues?
We have a few, serious inquiries only. Contact here or DM on IG.

How do I advertise with Motoveli?
Motoveli is ad-free and 100% rider-supported. We do not run ads or sponsored content.

Can I be featured or contribute?
Maybe! Apply here. Include any relevant info and links for review.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?
Yes! If you’re local we’ll ride some over to you. DM on Instagram or email here.

Do you offer a subscription?
Right now each book is sold individually.

Are there any upcoming events or group rides?
Yes! Follow @motoveli for story updates.

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