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Frequently Asked Questions


By Motoveli Motorcycle Magazine - 1 min

Q: When will Issue 2 “Hot Wheels” be back in stock?
A: Issue 2 is sold out for good but there may be a few in stock at Triumph Brooklyn or Filipacchi. Stop by these shops or give them a call. Motoveli is published as a limited edition.

Q: I missed the last issue. How can I be sure to get the next one?
A: Sign up for updates here and be the first to know. We’ll send you a pre-order email before we post publicly about new issues. Pre-orders stay live for a few days at a reduced price.

Q: How do I advertise with Motoveli?
A: It’s impossible because Motoveli is ad-free. We do not run ads or sponsored content. Motoveli is 100% rider supported.

Q: Are you all dinosaurs? Why not just write a blog, publish a YouTube channel, or be an influencer instead of making a magazine?
A: We feel like dinosaurs sometimes but we’re technically classified as Xennials. It’s actually more of a high-quality book or journal—not so much a magazine. And yes, we are silk screening shirts so check back soon. Also, influencers are fake. We try to promote real talk and long reads in a fun designy way.

Q: Is what’s on Instagram and online like what’s in the magazine?
A: No. Every issue of Motoveli exists in print only. We use the web to broadcast events and updates, and to engage with our friends in the moto community. We usually post weird story stuff so make sure to follow @motoveli for the latest.

Q: I ride, can I be in it?
A: We encourage participation from all riders and creators. Contributors may submit original, unpublished works like a story, article, photo, design, doodle etc. Featured riders must live in the NYC area. You can apply here. Make sure to include relevant information and links.

Q: When will I find out about my application? Will I get paid?
A: If selected you will receive an email with next steps. There is no paid compensation for Featured Riders or Contributors.

Q: I have an idea. Can you help me work through it?
A: Maybe! Contact us here and we’ll try to work something out.

Q: I’m a real photographer and a real writer and a real rider. Can I help?
A: So much realness. We don’t commission specifically for the publication, but you can submit your original work as a Contributor here. We also co-create “Motos and Photos Night NYC” during the off-season. Get involved here at NYC Motorcyclist.

Q: I have a shop or store. Does Motoveli offer wholesale pricing?
A: Yes! Please inquire here. It’s a good idea to pre-order so we can guarantee your stack or box. If you’re local we’ll ride it over to you.

Q: Will you be offering a subscription?
A: Maybe one day. Right now we only sell individual issues.

Q: I was in a previous issue. Can I be in another issue?
A: Hell yeah you can! What should we do this time?

Q: Are there any upcoming events or group rides?
A: Yes! Sign up for updates here and follow on the ‘gram for event stories.

Ryan Snelson