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Quick Start Guide


By Motoveli Motorcycle Magazine - 1 min

Getting started

Each Motoveli is individually sealed to protect it from page flippers and dreamers. Use your fingernails to remove the packaging first before trying to read. Pretend you are opening a CD or other physical item—really work that shrink wrap. Note that you will not be able to turn the pages while the magazine is sealed.

Staying focused

Reading a Motoveli Motorcycle Magazine is different from reading a regular motorcycle magazine, so please don’t just flip it real quick and fling it on the table. If the free sticker falls out do not attempt to catch it mid-air. You can pick it up later. There’s no rush to finish 100 pages all at once. If you have multiple issues, just add an extra 100 pages for every issue you have. Simply find a quiet place away from your phone, laptop, or similar distraction. Just chill for second like you do when you ride. Get comfortable knowing that your Motoveli isn’t trying to compete for likes. Open it only when you’re ready.

How to read

You might be tempted to break the binding by laying it flat and smushing it. Don’t do that. Never do that to a book. Instead, just turn the page like a normal person. Note that it’s ok to skim sections at first because you can always go back. Once you’ve mastered turning pages, you can try to get more comfortable. Try sitting down on a chair. Remember, unlike apps or websites, Motoveli can not be clicked or tapped. Always be ready to put down your Motoveli if you get distracted by something else. Do not attempt to ride your motorcycle while reading your Motoveli Motorcycle Magazine.

Protect Your Motoveli

We have designed each issue to handle a variety of reading scenarios. However, if you only read it one time you might miss something. Put it nicely on the shelf or table and come back to it later. We highly recommend that you keep your Motoveli Motorcycle Magazine in sight at all times and use it to elicit conversation. For example someone might say, “I love that new A-Files section!” Warning: do not lend your Motoveli to another rider or creator—they may forget to give it back. Instead, send them to where they can buy their own issues or get involved as a Contributor or Featured Rider.

Ryan Snelson