Motoveli 2 Hot Wheels

Motoveli 2 Hot Wheels


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It’s not the moto mag you expected. Introducing our 2nd limited edition print publication about modern motorcycle culture and creators around Brooklyn, New York. Motoveli 2 “Hot Wheels” covers all the hot issues including Safe Streets, Parking, Addiction, and Social Media. Learn the importance of Public Spaces, Road Hacks, and uncover an all new A-Files. This issue also features the anticipated debut of the DMVlogger®®.

Features: Crü Jones, Amparo Abel-Bey, Bryan Grimes, Rahoul Ghose, Ryan Snelson, Neil Elevado, Anton Martynov, Doug Gordon, and more!

  • High-quality book with 100 ad-free pages

  • Independently published as a limited edition

  • Designed in Brooklyn and printed in Manhattan

  • 5.5”x8.5” / .25” thick

  • Includes original sticker

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Independent Motorcycle Stuff with a Strong Brooklyn Lean